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Farming is becoming more complex and many producers are finding it difficult to keep up on all the changes. I believe, to continue through these challenging times, growers need to manage each input to maximize their net returns. This is where AgViser Crop Management Ltd, an independent crop consulting business, can assist you.

                                                                 Mission Statement

AgViser Crop Management will offer knowledge based solutions, with integrity, competence and objectivity, to assist growers in managing their crop production while maximizing their returns.

                                                               Goals & Objectives

The goal is to assist the client at increasing their farms profitability by micro-managing fields and offering practical solutions in the area of crop production. Objectives will be set with the producer and used as a measurement of what is to be achieved. Such objectives may take time to complete and need to be discussed openly if the desired outcome is to be achieved. Continued communication is encouraged to ensure everything is on track and any issues that may arise are dealt with as they happen.

Farming is a business and needs to be managed as such. For more detailed information on services offered through AgViser Crop Management please don't hesitate to contact me.

Curt Walker, P. Ag, CCA
AgViser Crop Management Ltd.